02/07 - today: Nokia Qt Software (former Trolltech)

Development of the tools accompanying the Qt cross platform Application Framework

09/02 - 01/07: X-Rite (former GretagMacbeth color systems)

Maintenance and extension of the color management software suite ProfileMaker 5 for Windows and Macintosh (Classic/X) in C++.

11/00 - 03/01: id-zone

Conception and implementation of a sychronous multi user quiz in Java+PHP+SQL (server side) and Flash (client side), together with two fellow students.

03/00 - 08/00: Internet Agency R.Ø.S.A.

Development of a WWW site with a server side content management system and personalized services in PHP, Tcl and NPS 4. Training the clients how to use the content management.
Afterwards I did some small job for R.Ø.S.A.

09/98 - 01/99: Cornelsen Software

Development of “chapters” for an interactive educative CD-ROM for pupils. The programming environment was developed by Cornelsen itself.
Name of the CD-ROM: “Mathlantis Arithmetics 2”, ISBN 3-464-90931-X.


09/96 - 12/01

Study of Applied Computer Sciences (Digital Media) at the Brandenburg University of AS in Brandenburg an der Havel.
Result: BS in Computer Scienes (Digital Media). Title of the diploma tesis: “Development of a simple vectorgraphics API for JAVA with own graphic formats and a visual graphics editor basing on them”

09/99 - 01/00: Brandenburg University of AS

Development of an image processing component for an autonomous robot in Visual C++. Afterwards 1 week long presentation of many AI projects by the Brandenburg University of AS on the CeBIT 2000.

09/98 - 03/99: Fachhochschule Brandenburg

Practical semester: Conception and implementation of an educative software for physically handicapped children with Borland Delphi.

09/97 - 01/00: Brandenburg University of AS

Tutorials for studens of the lower semestres in coordination with the professors. Programming languages: Pascal, C, Assembler (Intel) and C++.

11/96 - 04/98: Brandenburg University of AS

Development of a database for regional cultural events with MS Access for the regional cultural governmental offices of Potsdam/Brandenburg. Training the employees in those offices how to work with MS Access.


08/89 - 06/96

Visited the Ascanian Gymnasium in Berlin Tempelhof and reached maturity.

08/83 - 06/89

Visited the Maria Montessori elementary school in Berlin Tempelhof.