Cxf Converter

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Converts Digenius (.cxf) files into Html, SQL and CSV.

Digenius is a manufacturer of DVB systems. The data format which stores the setting data (station list) of DVB receivers by Digenius is called “.cxf” (Channel Exchange Format).

The .cxf converter was created in order to enable the maintainers of the website to easily publish their frequency lists. The lists can be published at frequent intervals and with a very high quality of the html pages.

Static HTML files are generated. 3 pages per satellite with different sorting orders which are mutually linked. Example: Astra 1.
The data is exported as an SQL dump, so that it can easily be transferred on a relational database. The original entities of the .cxf file “satellites”, “transponder”, “channels” and the relations among each other stay unchanged and redundancy free.
The channels are exported as a “Comma Separated Values” list. Nearly any spreadsheed editor of todays office suites can import this data format.
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